I'm Rob, a digital Product Designer.

I craft user experiences with a focus on visual design.


A wee bit about me...

I’m a British-born, California-based designer with a passion for problem-solving, crafting delightful experiences, and visual design.

Before arriving in the United States in 2014, I spent nearly 3 years traveling across multiple continents trying to figure out my place within this crazy, beautiful, diverse world of ours.

Those crucial life experiences, and my immersion into various cultures have given me a deeper understanding of empathy, which I firmly believe is the most important characteristic of being a great designer.

Currently, I’m a product designer helping to build Your Stories, a Los Angeles based start-up bringing human beings closer through unique experiences, cultures and immersive storytelling. 

What I do...

UI Design

My skill-set blends visual and interaction design, creating products that are engaging, consistent and pixel-perfect. 

Deeply passionate about design strategy,  I am persistently applying contemporary trends and technology to my work.

I am experienced in creating brand style guides, wireframes, user flows, assets and iconography that helps me breathe life into design concepts.

UX Design

By approaching the user journey with a mix of strategy and psychology, I ensure every user-flow and experience is intuitive.

Keeping stakeholders’ business goals in mind, I know that every touch-point in a product is an opportunity to engage users, change perception and achieve KPIs.

I pride myself on my ability to get to the  root of  business challenges, innovating and serving up viable solutions.


Creating high fidelity prototypes from the onset of a project allows me to seamlessly and rapidly showcase the experiences I create in build-ready MVP form, allowing me to translate my vision to clients, stakeholders, and developers much more efficiently.

I primarily use Adobe XD for designing my vision, though I have a wealth of experience with an arsenal of tools, like Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and more.

What I've done so far...

Evite Inc.
Senior UX/UI Designer

At Evite, I was responsible for leading the design of customer facing interfaces and interactions for all Evite products.

Working closely with the Product, Engineering and Data teams, I introduced a wide range of updates, improvements and new features to the Evite platform.

These projects included a conceptual redesign of the Host Dashboard, the central hub of the Evite product, to create a more fluid, intuitive and contemporary user experience.

In addition, I led an effort to reduce the number of steps a user takes from start to completion of e-card creation, including the removal and subsequent redesign of the iOS log in barrier.

I also developed a comprehensive Style Guide that continues to be the foundation of the Evite product to this day, of which a high-level version can be found here.

Bizee Group
Product Designer

Bizee Group is a start-up with the goal of disrupting the world of scheduling by using ‘smart calendars’ to automate meetings, events, and more.

I started the project by refreshing the existing UI to play nicely with the Bizee (like a bee 🐝) branding goals.

Upon refreshing the design, I built a brand style guide that outlined visual elements, iconography, color palettes and overarching guidelines. 

Additionally, I also established UX and product management foundational processes, ensuring future PMs and designers were set up for success.

GoodRich Group
Product Designer

The goal of GoodRich (a Silicon Valley start-up) was to create a new medium of engagement for sports fans by integrating stock market mechanisms with sports data.

Luckily for GoodRich, there's two things I'm pretty knowledgable about: sports and stocks.

Actually, make that three things: I know how to build digital products 😉

With the help of the stellar graphic design talents of Michael Djobi, and also the marketing genius that is Zarina Mautay, we created an e-commerce solution where users can purchase and trade in-game currency based on sports teams performance.

This resulted in a stock market-style data terminal where users can track their investments and make informed decisions to earn real money.

We also created an AI user-hub and information center for access to the latest news regarding their specific team investments.

Unfortunately due to the global pandemic, and its affect on both the economy and sports industry, GoodRich had to put all projects on hold.

UX/UI Designer

Autosoft is a Pennsylvania-based company that supplies 'Vehicle Inventory Management Software’ to car dealerships and repair centers.

As part of the fully remote UX/UI Design team, my role was to lead the design of the Service and Parts divisions of the Dealership Management System (DMS). 

I helped implement and guide design decisions for future product releases, and also created a rather nifty iPad app.

Technicians at repair centers had a huge pain-point when it came to gathering information on vehicle damage, repairs, and parts orders. During a customer appointment, the technician would take notes on the various vehicle issues using pen and paper, and then have to input all that lovely data into their desktop experience.

That's basically double work, and nobody likes doing double work.

Creating an intuitive iPad experience removed the aforementioned pain point from the equation.

By building this new system we added significant improvements to our customers' operations by allowing them to quickly and easily input data into their system, using the iPad app in-hand, and inputting directly, during face-to-face appointments.

Good people saying good things...

Rob is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise and leadership when it comes to concept for creating great user experience for products.

He consistently demonstrated a solid work-ethic the time we worked together.

In addition, he is not only reliable but also an inspiring team player.

Michael Djobi

UX/UI Designer
at Wondros

Rob is a detail oriented designer who is passionate about delivering delightful experiences to end users.

He was exceptionally good at grasping the requirements and provide innovative ideas & solutions with the help of his abilities of analytical thinking, superb prototyping & presentation skills.

Zarina Mautay

Marketing Manager
at GoodRich Group

Rob's attention to detail is second to none. It was extra work that we hadn’t asked for, but he did it anyways.

This was a complex, crowd-sourced content database with many working pieces, but Rob was able to understand the flow immediately and streamline the design to guide our users to their best engagement.

Jeffrey Rinna

at Your Stories

Rob is a talented graphic and UI/UX designer.

I've had clients who've worked with him in the past specifically ask for him as new projects crop up because they liked his work so much.

In addition to his design capabilities, Rob brings with him a friendly, client-facing demeanor and an ability to extract requirements from clients that they weren't able to articulate themselves.

David Aktary

Founder, CEO
at AktaryTech

I have had the pleasure of working with Rob on two early stage products.

He is fabulous! An incredible asset to have on any team. He is technically skillful and highly creative.

He really listens to the customer and is profoundly talented at bringing their vision to life.

Look behind every breathtaking design and you will find a brilliant mind like Rob.

Rhonda Ozanian, Ph.D.

at 2nd Payer Finance

Rob and I served on a UX/UI team to aid a competitive e-card company to discover their growth potential.

Rob had tremendous ideas and was always supportive of group engagement as well as keeping the stakeholders and customers needs in mind.

With a very tight deadline, Rob was able to finish his task of designing a new user interface as well as pick up the slack of others on the team when needed.

Randy Baiza

UX Designer
at Baiza Designs